Child Development: FAQs

Child Development: FAQs

As your child is growing and developing, it’s their pediatrician's job to make sure that they are hitting their milestones and that any issues are being caught at an early stage. If your child is dealing with developmental issues, their pediatrician can help address these issues and determine if there is another factor that could be causing them. Your pediatricians at Child & Adolescent Clinic in Longview and Vancouver, WA, can help explain child development and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Development

Q. What is healthy child development?

A. Healthy child development just means that your pediatrician in Longview and Vancouver, WA, gives your child the care that they need, despite any issues they may deal with. Children can develop at different rates or may deal with special needs that require additional help, but all children should be able to grow up with all of those needs met.

Q. What are the developmental milestones?

A. There are many milestones that your child will get to throughout their development. Some common milestones are learning to speak, learn, crawl, and walk. Each child develops at their own pace, so there isn’t an exact age that each child will start doing any of these, but there are loose time frames. If your child isn’t meeting these milestones, your pediatrician may be able to help address certain issues that may be going unnoticed.

Q. How is child development monitored?

A. Monitoring child development happens every day, whether you realize it or not! You may be taking notice of certain developments in your child, like new teeth or new abilities like crawling and making noises. Your child’s pediatrician also monitors these developments in routine check-ups and by asking questions.

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