CHPW to Molina: Continuing Care at Child and Adolescent Clinic


Child and Adolescent Clinic has partnered with Molina Healthcare for Apple Health families! You will need to change your health plan before the December 23 deadline so we can confirm we are listed as your child's doctor before our contract ends effective January 1, 2017.

Our pediatricians look forward to continuing your child's care with Child and Adolescent Clinic, and we will help you to continue your family's relationship with us.

Molina is easy to work with, has an excellent network for specialty care, and they provide excellent support to both their Members and Medical Providers.  Molina is the largest Apple Health plan in the state, covering over 550,000 people.  Your benefits and coverage are the same with Molina and CHPW.

You can choose your health plan.  By changing to Molina, you can keep your child's care with Child and Adolescent Clinic.  All adult health care providers in our area who contract with CHPW also contract with Molina, so you can keep your adult doctor also.  We apologize for the inconvenience of the need to change plans.

How do I change to Molina and continue care at Child and Adolescent Clinic?

1.  Send us an email.  Click here  [email protected]

Your email will tell us you want us to register your family with Molina Healthcare and keep Child and Adolescent Clinic as the Primary Care Pediatrician for your children.  Please include in your email the names and birthdates for any household members who have Medicaid coverage, but who are not cared for at Child and Adolescent Clinic (such as yourself).   We already have the names and birthdates for your children, but will need the names and birthdates for the adult family members to update their enrollment as well.  The whole family must be enrolled with the same health plan.

2.  Call us and change to Molina by phone.

Call our Longview office at 360-577-1771 and select Option 2, or our Vancouver office at 360-254-7750 and select Option 7.  Our staff will be able to help you change plans with your verbal authorization by phone.

3.  Download and print the Plan Change form here.

Bring or mail the completed form to our office and we will load the change to Provider One for you.

4.  Come to our office to fill out a form at our front desk.

We can help you fill out the form at our front desk, and we will submit it for you.

5.  Call Apple Health at the number on the back of your Provider One card.

You can call Provider One directly to change plans to Molina.  There may be long hold times when calling Provider One.

Thank you again for trusting Child and Adolescent Clinic for your child's health care.  We look forward to many years together.