Autism Resources

When you need support for a child with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder, our pediatricians have found help in the following websites.  We also host a series of free classes sponsored by Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington.  Click here for the most recent class offerings for parents of children newly diagnosed with Autism, or classes offering more understanding of Autism.  They are held in our clinic conference room.


Kelso School District - special services

Longview School District - special services

ARC of Washington State - connect with people and services that can help children with developmental disabilities

ARC of Cowlitz County and LifeWorks - parent support, education, play groups, and individual consultation for children

Seattle Children's Autism Classes - parent support and education

Autism Empowerment - a Vancouver educational and charitable nonprofit organization

Northwest Autism Foundation - a Northwest group working to improve the lives of those affected by Autism Disorders

Portland Asperger's Network - a parent support organization

Autism Society of Oregon - includes a professional directory and support groups

Autism Research and Resources of Oregon - nurturing individuals and families of individuals with Autism so that they may contribute as appropriate at the level and the time when they are ready to contribute.

Autism Speaks - provides a great deal of information on what autism is, services and events for families, and much more

Autistic Self Advocacy Network - a national group focusing on disability rights

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders - help finding speech and occupational therapists who work with children who have autism

FACT Oregon - assists parents with the special education system

Karla's ASD Page on facebook - page maintained by Karla Fisher, a Portland-area Intel employee.


Thinking in Pictures and Different...Not Less by Temple Grandin.  This author is an animal science expert, and is autistic.

Carly's Voice by Carly and Arthur Fleischmann.  A father-daughter book.

From Emotions to Advocacy by Peter Wright.  Written by an attorney for parents of autistic children in the special education system.