The Importance of Vaccinations

The Importance of Vaccinations

Not long after your baby is born, they usually receive vaccinations at the hospital. And from that point, if the parents choose to continue with the normal vaccination schedule, there's a series of other vaccines and boosters that are recommended. At Child and Adolescent Clinic, serving Longview and Vancouver, WA, and the nearby regions, we like to educate our parents so they can make sound decisions about whether vaccinations are right for their child.

Prevent Serious Illnesses

The vaccinations that are on the schedule recommended for all children, and even the ones not, protect against serious illnesses in children. Sometimes, the disease could cause lifelong issues, especially in the vulnerable. And in some cases, the infection could be life-threatening, in particular, in those with risk factors. 

Protect the Vulnerable

Depending on the illness, some infections are dangerous for those who aren't vaccinated against it yet, such as those who are too young to receive the inoculation. Sometimes, the elderly or those with certain health conditions may be the ones at risk or even those who take certain medications. 

By vaccinating your child, you can help prevent transmission to those who are susceptible and more likely to suffer from serious effects. 

Stop the Number of Missed School Days and Activities 

When your child becomes ill, you keep them home from school and extracurricular activities. They miss out on those days of learning, the time they spend with their friends, and also the learning that takes place outside of the classroom, such as those days when they have soccer practice. They also let others on their team down when they're not there. 

Fortunately, through vaccination, you can keep in the classroom, on the field, and with their friends. 

Prevent Your Child From Feeling Ill

You hate to see your child sick and suffering. You can reduce the number of those sick days with vaccinations from our Vancouver or Longview doctor. They boost your child's immune system to fight against a certain illness so they'll either have no symptoms or mild ones when compared to how sick they could be. 

Child and Adolescent Clinic, serving Longview and Vancouver, WA, and the neighboring communities, wants you to know that vaccinations can benefit your child in a number of ways. They're safe and effective.

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