Why Are Vaccinations Recommended?

Why Are Vaccinations Recommended?

Wondering whether to sign off on vaccinations for your children? Take a look at these important facts below from our Child & Adolescent Clinic team in Longview and Vancouver, WA.

Importance of Vaccinations and Why They’re Recommended

Vaccinations are at the center of many debates, and many parents are left wondering what they should do about their own children. At Child & Adolescent Clinic in Longview and Vancouver, WA, our team wants you to be educated and empowered to make the best decision for your little ones, so we share some of the most important reasons vaccinations are recommended. 

1. There Are Always Viruses and Diseases 

No matter where you turn or how healthy you try to stay, there is always something lurking around – something that could be anywhere from slightly irritating to fatal. Therefore, your body is exposed to such things more often than you’d expect. This is especially true with children, as daycare centers and schools can be breeding grounds. 

2. Vaccinations Empower the Body 

The great thing about vaccinations is that they work with and build up immunity. While this is important for adults, too, it’s especially critical for children. Adults' immune systems are typically much stronger, as they’ve spent years being exposed to various things. Babies, small children, and teenagers, however, have weak and more vulnerable immune systems. 

3. Risk Is Minimal 

Many parents are concerned that their children can actually develop the illnesses and diseases that they are immunized against. And this is just one concern. 

It’s understandable that parents want to know and weigh out the risks, of course. Wanting to do what’s best for your child should be a priority at all times. 

The good news is that vaccinations are safe. Your child might experience fever and some discomfort after being vaccinated. This is the body’s natural response to fight off illness – which is what is supposed to take place. 

Remember, the point is to empower the body to fight. Therefore, such side effects are natural. Your pediatrician will let you know if there are any danger signs to watch for. 

4. They Protect the Future 

Did you know that vaccinating your child can actually benefit your grandchildren one day? It’s true. Vaccinations reduce the possibility of a mother passing those viruses onto her little ones. 

If you have any more questions or would like to schedule vaccinations for your child in Longview and Vancouver, WA, let our team at Child & Adolescent Clinic help. You can reach our Longview office at (360) 577-1771 or our Vancouver office at (360) 254-7750.