Recognizing ADHD in Children

Recognizing ADHD in Children

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and is a behavioral disorder characterized by impulsivity, difficulty paying attention, distractibility, and sometimes hyperactivity. If you are interested in learning about childhood ADHD, contact the Child & Adolescent Clinic in Longview and Vancouver, WA. We have an experienced team of pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners.

How do I Recognize ADHD in Children?

While the causes of ADHD are not scientifically determined, children diagnosed with ADHD have low levels of the brain chemical dopamine and may have difficulties with social judgment, attention, and other developmental issues. ADHD presents varying symptoms in children, ranging from inattention and impulsivity to hyperactivity. Symptoms of inattention can include forgetfulness, difficulty in maintaining attention and listening to others, a lack of attention to detail, and poor organizational and study skills relative to the child’s age. Symptoms of impulsivity can include high risk-taking, a tendency to interrupt conversations, and difficulty waiting for his/her turn in the classroom or during social activities. Hyperactivity can manifest as the child being constantly in motion (including fidgeting and squirming), having difficulty sitting still, excessive talking, forgetfulness, losing items easily, and an inability to concentrate on and finish presented tasks such as homework or chores.

How is ADHD Diagnosed and Treated?

For expert diagnoses of ADHD, contact the Child & Adolescent Clinic. One of our qualified pediatricians will provide a detailed assessment and observation of the child’s behavior. Diagnostic testing including psychological, neurological, and physical examinations may be recommended, as well as additional consultations with mental health specialists. Treatment for childhood is dependent upon the child’s age and can include an evaluation of school placement and psychosocial treatment or behavioral training for children and their parents. Prescribed medication such as psychostimulants has been shown to be an effective treatment for childhood ADHD.

Childhood ADHD is a treatable condition that can be remedied through behavioral modification and pharmaceutical intervention. The doctors at the Child & Adolescent Clinic have vast experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD in Longview, WA. We also maintain an office in Vancouver. Our expert group of pediatricians offers a compassionate, empathetic, and highly-trained medical practice that can assess your child and provide the best course of treatment if ADHD is diagnosed. Contact our office in Longview, WA at (360) 577-1771, or our office in Vancouver at (360) 254-7750.