Patient Resources

What is a Pediatrician?
A pediatrician is a physician whose specific specialty is caring for children from birth to 18 years of age. Pediatricians address acute and chronic illnesses, learning disabilities, behavioral issues and the growth and development of children. Our goal is to help ensure that children grow into mentally and physical healthy, productive and happy adults.

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Trusted Internet Resources

Local Organizations

ParentHelp123 for Washington state benefits and resources
Local CPR Classes - Red Cross
Emergency Support Shelter
Hospital Love & Logic books and resources
Hospice Grief Center for Children
Children's Home Society
Longview Parks and Recreation

Children's Hospitals
Doernbecher Children's Hospital
Seattle Children's Hospital
Randall Children's Hospital

ADD / ADHD Organizations
Parents Place
Progress Center
ADD Warehouse
ADHD Support
National ADD Association
National ADHD Information Network
Search Institute - Helping Kids Succeed

Cowlitz County Health Department
American Academy of Pediatrics - Asthma

Behavior Problems
Is it Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
Oppositional Defiant Disorder - Mayo Clinic help

Depression / Anxiety
Crisis Hotline 24 hours a day: 800-803-8833
Lower Columbia Mental Health Center
Northwest Psychological Resources
Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Developmental Delay / Speech Delay
Progress Center
LCC Head Start and Early Head Start
Broadway Learning Center
American Academy of Pediatrics - Developmental Delays
Parent to Parent, WA State
Within Reach

American Academy of Pediatrics - Seizures

Special Needs
Center for Children with Special Needs
Family Voices of Washington

National Organizations
Sleep Foundation
Symptom Checker
Center for Disease Control
Immunization Action Coalition
Allied Vaccine Group
Seattle Children's
Healthy Children Radio MD
Medical Home Leadership Network
Sleep Foundation
Symptom Checker
Sleep Foundation
Symptom Checker

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