Asthma And Allergies

Asthma and Allergy Immunotherapy - Childhood asthma and allergic disease has been increasing over the last fifty years, resulting in billions of heatlh care dollars spent, and millions of lost school days annually for children with these diagnoses. Our goal is to offer coordinated care to maximize activity and minimize symptoms for our patients with allergies and asthma.

Child and Adolescent Clinic pediatricians offer regular asthma review visits with a computerized assessment of asthma severity and response to treatment (Spirometry) and communicate this information to caregivers and school personnel through personalized Asthma Action Plans. Because asthma and its treatments may be complex, we offer information about asthma, how it is diagnosed, what medicine may be used to treat it, and how those medicines work to treat asthma. Our asthma patients also receive priority for flu shots each fall.

Our pediatricians manage many kinds of routine allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies and eczema.We offer personalized treatment plans for caregivers and school personnel that include detailed information on how to respond in case of a potentially life threatening allergic reaction. We also work with our patients to ensure that they have the necessary medicines, including Epi-pen (epinephrine) shots, available to them both at home and at school .

For more complex allergic conditions, we offer prompt referral to a pediatric allergy specialist for evaluation and treatment when necessary. Many of our patients are able to see Carolyn Comer, MD, who travels to our Longview office each Thursday, and to our Vancouver office each Wednesday. She offers more information about allergies and asthma on her website .

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