Siblings and Newborn Care

Siblings and Newborn Care

Newborns are the most precious and vulnerable members of society, needing constant care and attention. Sometimes that can create issues with older siblings who also still need plenty of time and attention from their parents. Take time to think about sibling relationships as related to newborn care, and discuss any issues at your next appointment with a pediatrician at the Child & Adolescent Clinic in Vancouver and Longview, WA.

Considerations for Newborn Care

When a new baby comes home, there are a number of primary care matters that parents must focus on, including:

  • The safety and handling of the child.
  • Proper bathing habits.
  • Healthy bowel movements.
  • Avoiding common newborn illnesses.
  • Establishing a nursing routine that works for both mother and baby.

However, additional concerns should be addressed, including the child’s environment and relationship with older children in the household. Siblings play an important role in the healthy development and care of a newborn.

Newborns and Their Older Siblings

In many cases, the older siblings of newborns are excited about the new addition to the family and want to help as much as possible. In other cases, there could be some tension when the newborn child gets most of the attention. Pediatricians usually see newborns and their older siblings, so they have a familiarity with all of the children in the family. They can spot potential issues and recommend solutions to parents to ensure a harmonious and happy household. The pediatricians and staff at The Child & Adolescent Clinic in Vancouver and Longview, WA, are committed to providing specialized newborn care as well as care for every child in the family.

Tips for Fostering a Healthy Sibling Relationship

You can start taking steps to foster a positive relationship between your children as soon as your newborn arrives home from the hospital. Try these tips:

  • Make it a point to introduce the baby to the older sibling as soon as you’re home.
  • Encourage participation from the newborn’s sibling in play, reading time and care activities. All family members should feel like they are included.
  • Shower your older child with affirmations when they do positive things for the baby as well as in general behaviors that aren’t specifically associated with the child.
  • Set aside time each day to talk to the older siblings, putting a focus on their day and accomplishments to let them know how much they matter to the family.

An Experienced Pediatrician Can Help

Having the support of a professional can be especially helpful when managing a new baby who has an older sibling. Call (360) 254-7750 or (360) 577-1771 today to schedule a newborn care visit with a pediatrician at the Child & Adolescent Clinic in Vancouver and Longview, WA.