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  • Siblings and Newborn Care
    Newborns are the most precious and vulnerable members of society, needing constant care and attention. Sometimes that can create issues with older siblings who also still need plenty of time Read more
  • Newborn Care Tips for Parents
    As the parent of a newborn for the first time, we understand that the experience is often overwhelming. At Child & Adolescent Clinic in Vancouver and Longview, WA, we are Read more
  • FAQs About Newborn Care
    The pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners at the Child and Adolescent Clinic provide care for the newest member of your family while you adjust to having your newborn at home. Read more
  • Newborn Care as a First-Time Parent
    Congratulations on becoming a first-time parent! Child & Adolescent Clinic can direct new parents through the newborn phase by providing essential medical care, advice, and support. They can monitor the Read more