FAQs About Newborn Care

FAQs About Newborn Care

The pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners at the Child and Adolescent Clinic provide care for the newest member of your family while you adjust to having your newborn at home. Read the most frequent questions we get about newborn care in Vancouver, WA, and contact us to make an appointment for your newborn.

How Do I Handle a Newborn?

Always wash or disinfect your hands and arms before handling the baby. Handwashing is essential for stopping the spread of germs and especially to protect newborns who have not been vaccinated. Always support the baby's head and neck when handling them, and always be gentle. Never shake a baby, even if you are trying to wake them. Shaking a baby can result in permanent brain damage and death.

How Do I Breastfeed My Newborn?

You will nurse about every three hours and follow a schedule so your baby eats enough. Breastfeeding can be a challenge and it is normal if it takes a while for you and your baby to develop good habits and a healthy routine for feeding. When you need help with newborn care in Vancouver, WA, we can provide more guidance for breastfeeding issues.

How Do I Bathe My Newborn?

Your newborn's first baths will be sponge baths. You use this method until the umbilical cord has fallen off or the circumcision has completely healed. When you start bathing in a tub, use lukewarm water that is filled no deeper than two inches. Wash your baby gently with soft washcloths and only cleansers made for babies. You should wash the baby 2-3 times a week. Any more bathing than that can dry out their skin.

When Do I Call the Pediatrician?

When you need help with newborn care in Longview and Vancouver, WA, you can reach out to your pediatrician whenever you have a concern about your baby or how to maintain your own health as a new parent. Your baby will have visits with the pediatrician a few days after being home from the hospital, and then at 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 9 months.

Fevers above 100.4 degrees are cause for alarm in a newborn, and you should call your doctor. Also, if the baby stops eating, develops a rash, the skin or whites of their eyes turn yellow, or if the baby can't be consoled, reach out to your doctor.

Newborn Care Now

At the Child and Adolescent Clinic, our dedicated team of pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners are here to provide the best newborn care in Longview and Vancouver, WA. Contact us to make an appointment in Longview, WA, at (360) 577-1771, and in Vancouver, WA, at (360) 254-7750.